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Our first solar project

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We just passed our final inspection, which makes it official: Redmond completed our first solar power project!

We installed 972 solar panels on 1.25 acres of land at our campus in Redmond, Utah. The new installation should generate about 300 kilowatts per hour with an estimated 469,000 kilowatt hours. Unless you’re like our engineers, that probably doesn’t mean much — think of it this way: that’s enough power for you and your 43 best friends to power their homes every day. Even better, we’ll decrease our CO² emissions in the process —  a huge step toward clean power at our largest power-consuming business unit!

We’re planning at least two more solar projects next year — once we get this winter out of the way we’ll take the next step toward sustainable power.

Redmond’s Lake Powell leadership retreats

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Six times each year, Redmond gathers associates and partners and spends several days on houseboats at Lake Powell. It’s an opportunity to have some fun, but more importantly, it’s a chance to keep crucial conversations going: how can we make the greatest contribution in our world?

We get a lot of questions about these trips. They’re by invitation only, but here’s a video we put together to communicate what the trips are all about.

Redmond in a Day

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Whether we’re at our desk, on the road, working with customers, or enjoying the crisp air hundreds of feet underground, Redmond associates work together toward the same goals. Here’s a glimpse at what our work is like, across Redmond’s many business units.