About Redmond

Redmond, Inc. is a Utah company best known for brands like Real Salt, Trophy Rock, and Best Vinyl Fence & Deck. We’re proud of our brands and the products they help create, but Redmond isn’t a salt company or a vinyl company, or even a holding company. Ultimately, Redmond is a people company.

A people company

Much of the attention Redmond receives focuses on unique opportunities we provide our associates. Viewing Redmond’s culture from a distance, it would be easy to mistake some of our most important investments as playing. It may not be typical for companies to help employees attend leadership retreats together, take humanitarian trips together, golf together, vacation together, but these investments only make sense because Redmond associates also work hard together. The company is dedicated to helping associates develop, and associates are dedicated to helping the company succeed. At its core, Redmond’s success revolves around the regard associates have for each other and for the company.

A different way of doing business

For many, Redmond’s heavy investment in people sounds unconventional. It may even sound naive, if you’re used to traditional business, or fake, if you’re a bit skeptical. We don’t want to make it sound like we’re better than other companies, just different. It wouldn’t work for a lot of companies and it doesn’t work for a lot of potential associates, but it works at Redmond.

Learn more

It can be hard to get a feel for a company like Redmond without spending some time with our associates. You might find more information on our Facebook, or by reading our company magazine, Elevate. If you have questions, we’d love to hear from you directly.