Redmond has repeatedly been recognized as one of Utah’s best places to work. That is because at Redmond, we strive to provide many opportunities for our employees to learn, grow, and Elevate the Human Experience in body, heart, mind, and spirit. We strive to create an environment that provides the opportunity for everyone to show up as their best, most authentic selves. We know that when people are being true to themselves, they do their best work. We value each employee’s unique contribution because we know that together, we can do so much more for the world around us than we could on our own.

We are based in Heber City, Utah, with locations in Redmond, Orem, and Salt Lake (with additional locations in Colorado, Hawaii, and Alaska).

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Since we can’t have lunch with all of you, video seems to be the next best way to explain what we do and why we do it.

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Redmond Culture

Redmond is unique and might be different from any other working experience you’ve had before. Our mission at Redmond is to Elevate the Human Experience in body, heart, mind, and spirit. Body means physical needs. Heart means connection and relationships. Mind means intellectual pursuits. Spirit means your life purpose. Everything we do at Redmond is to help humanity elevate their experience in these four dimensions. When you commit to Redmond you are committing yourself to this lifelong pursuit both at work and in your personal life. Before you apply, consider whether Redmond is a good fit for you.

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