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The View From Behind the Wheel

July 7, 2014 • Associate Highlights, Issue 07 - July 2014

Redmond Minerals Associate Deran Bosshardt

A lot of things have changed at Redmond in the last 28 years, and Deran Bosshardt has been around to see it all. For the past 13 years, Deran has been working as the team leader in the salt yard, helping to build Redmond Minerals’ reputation for caring about the drivers who load in our yard.

In an industry that tends to view drivers as an interruption, Deran and his team have gone out of their way to create processes that make things better for our drivers. ”I just love seeing these guys leave the yard with a smile on their face,” Deran says.

The salt yard loads close to 7,000 trucks during the deicing season — a huge part of the process that keeps Redmond Minerals growing — and they see a steady number of raving reviews from drivers who say Deran and the team made their day.

It’s one thing to serve a customer, the people who keep us in business, but Daren’s motivation has more to do with the smile than the paycheck. His passion is cars — old, fast, beautifully restored cars. When he heard that an 8-year-old boy in the valley had a similar interest in fat tires, rumbling engines, and perfectly painted sheen, Daren stopped by to offer the youngster the ride of his lifetime.

Daren drove his prize-winning, magazine-cover-worthy1969Camaro SS to a stretch of deserted highway and showed the boy what a680- horsepower engine can do. Two hours later, pulled away, leaving a grinning young man and 50 yards of rubber on the asphalt.

Deran’s team and family (he and his wife of 27 years have four children and have recently become grandparents) would agree he’s  not the kind of person to make much of his kindness. Whether he’s behind the wheel of a front end loader or a restored classic, he’s more comfortable shrugging off gratitude from the people he serves than taking any credit, and that may be part of the reason he’s been able to make a contribution for so many years.

Deran Bosshardt

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