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July 7, 2014 • Associate Highlights, Issue 07 - July 2014

Best Vinyl Associate Kama Muti

You might know Kama Muti from the Haka war dance on the beach at Redmond’s Lake Powell retreats. Maybe you’ve seen him leading an installation crew for Best Vinyl, where he’s worked since 2007, or working with Redmond Minerals last winter. If you haven’t seen his contagious smile at work, you may have caught it on the evening news this spring after he was named the 2014 Utah Youth Rugby Coach of the Year.

This is Kama’s second year coaching the Kau Toa Rugby Club, one of the biggest youth teams in the state, and this year’s varsity state champions. Kua Toa, a combination of Tongan and Samoan words that means ”group of warriors,” reflects the way Kama works with the club.

”Kua Toa is not my team,” he says. ”It’s a group of warriors. What works for me is to empower the kids and their parents to share their passion and make this a good team.”

Kama has played rugby his whole life, but he credits his leadership style on the rugby pitch to his former coach, Larry Gelwix, whose record at Highland High School, where Kama played, inspired the movie Forever Strong.

He also finds lessons for his club in the opportunities and experiences he’s had working with Best Vinyl and Redmond associates, focusing on helping others become more of who they truly are. He’s often told his players, their parents, and other coaches that success comes from giving his players the confidence to do what they’re passionate about.

Kama was born and raised in Tonga before moving to Utah in 1991.  He met his wife, Amy in a courtroom where they were both advocating for a young man in trouble. They eventually added two rugby-playing kids to their family.

Kama thrives on developing those around him. ”Nothing brings a group together faster than through helping your team live their passions,” he says.  ”Share learning, then live and practice it.” 

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