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March 31, 2013 • Associate Highlights, Issue 06 - March 2013

Next time you are in Redmond, make it a point to bump into Faron Reed.  You might find him any number of places: his desk, the warehouse, mine, the shipping room.  That’s because the type of work Faron does spreads over several teams.  When asked how he would define his role at Redmond, Faron’s answer might sound familiar to several Redmond associates: “Well… How do I explain it?”

We’ll start here:  Have you ever been to Arlington National Cemetery?  Hundreds of thousands of graves mark the final resting place of fallen soldiers, and on Memorial day every burial site is adorned with an American flag, placed in the precise location, at boot height.  Amid the precisely-aligned headstones, you’ll find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which has been under constant, ceremonial guard since 1949. Arlington and the service men and women that serve there embody precision, cadence, honor and respect.  If precision and order isn’t your thing, you aren’t a serviceman at Arlington.  Faron Reed served at Arlington—guarding the Tomb, honoring the fallen, comforting the mourning. He loves order and precision.

At Redmond, Faron officially works on the warehouse team, though his influence spreads across many teams.  He spends much of his time focusing on details associated with shipping, new product development, packaging, trade show support, online order fulfillment and inventory control.  “Details,” he says.  “Someone has got to take care of the details. That’s what I do.”  Faron’s inherent attention to detail served him well at Arlington, and that is what he brings to Redmond.

Faron joined Redmond in 2004.  Having spent time with the mine, agricultural sales, Redmond Equine sales and in the warehouse, he has a panoramic view of Redmond that gives him broad understanding.  When asked what gives him meaning in life, he didn’t hesitate:  “My family, my country, my faith.  I love coaching.  I love being a scout leader.  I want to help boys see and reach their potential.”  Faron, his wife Kim, and their four children (Sedona, Payson, Hayden and Canyon) live in Richfield.

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