Real Food on the Houseboats

October 31, 2012 • Company Activities, Issue 05 - October 2012

When people hear that the food at Redmond’s Lake Powell trips is healthy, they tend to get nervous. Some even bring their own food for the trip, just in case it’s really inedible. We know people do it, and we don’t mind. In fact, we view it as a kind of challenge to see if we can persuade them, like so many others before them, that healthy food can taste absolutely amazing.

If you wonder what makes the food at our Redmond retreats taste so good, we’ll share our secrets. The first secret is uncovered at Redmond’s farm in Sevier County. The core philosophy of our farm is this: when animals are raised on their natural diet, when they live in their natural habitat, the animals are healthy and that translates into healthy animal products. Secondly, we prefer to keep the hormones, antibiotics, nitrates and msg out of our products. Why? It’s simple, the food has more nutrition, it tastes better and it is better for you. This is what we look for when we source the animal products for our events.

If our animal products are the star of the show, then the fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and healthy fats all have important supporting roles. The goal is to select nutrient-rich food that doesn’t have any unnecessary additives-food that is minimally processed. We try to keep it real. Yes, that is secret number two…”Real Food.”

Finally we get to secret number three. It is the salt, of course! If you start with the best ingredients, prepare them with care and sprinkle with a little Real Salt then your taste buds are overjoyed.

Now you know the recipe for success when it comes to great food at our Redmond events. We find great pleasure in preparing the finest food for you while we all have fun in the sun together. You are worth it!

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