Get to Know Russell Mason

October 31, 2012 • Associate Highlights, Issue 05 - October 2012

With community fun runs gaining popularity, you probably know someone willing to run a few miles for a t-shirt. You might even know someone willing to run 26 miles, or spend five hours on a bike. But unless you know Redmond associate Russell Mason, you probably don’t know anyone willing to spend 26 hours on a bike, even without the promise of a t-shirt.

“I love fitness,” Russell says. “I like to see what the human body can actually do, see how far you can push it.”

Trying to find his limit, Russell has ridden thousands of miles on his road bike, run a handful of Ragnar relays, and spent countless hours in his home gym. He once rode 300 miles, from Payson to St George, Utah, just to see if he could. He fell asleep while pedaling and woke up on the asphalt (“a pretty quick nap”), but still finished the ride in 26 hours.

“I’m not the fastest guy out there,” he says. “I just have the ability to suffer more than most.”

At Redmond, Russell works with the deicing team at the south office, coordinating government bids and invoices and visiting customers throughout Utah. Before coming to Redmond six years ago, he worked 25 years at the coal mine and spent a few years as a county deputy. He doesn’t work in law enforcement anymore, but he still volunteers his time at the state prison in Gunnison, where he helps counsel inmates. “We do everything we can to create support networks for these guys,” Russell says. “It can be pretty tiring, but you have to remember you’re there for one reason only—to help them so when they get out they never come back.”

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