The Future of Elevate

June 27, 2012 • Issue 04 - June 2012

After four issues of Elevate, we’ve learned what seems to work well, what people miss from our old newsletters, and what we’d like to create together.

Based on feedback from associates around the company, we’re bringing some changes to Elevate, beginning next month. You’ll see little changes like text that’s easier to read, and bigger changes like more articles submitted by Redmond associates, coverage of team and company news and events, and two associate highlights every month. To make room for the new content, Elevate will also be longer.

As Elevate develops, we could use your help. If your team reached a goal or participated in a great event, let us know. You can submit pictures and artwork, an entire article or just a one sentence idea, or pass along news and events.

We want Elevate to develop into a magazine our associates and partners, and their families, will look forward to reading. The more you get involved, the better it can become.

Send your ideas to Elevate!

Send us your ideas or ask your team leader to pass an idea along.

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