Keeping an eye on the numbers

February 11, 2012 • Associate Highlights, Issue 01 - February 2012

For more than four years, all of the numbers that matter to Redmond’s bottom line have crossed Brian Clark’s desk. Clark works with accountants at each Redmond division, regularly consolidating data to be sure the company’s leaders have an accurate view of the accounts.

Peeking over a row of monitors on his desk at Redmond’s Heber office, Clark’s voice is steady and a bit quiet, just as you might expect from a man who stares at spreadsheets all day. But he isn’t all about numbers. He’s been known to tip a waitress depending on how much ranch dressing she brings, and he has a set of skills not normally associated with accounting.

“People might be surprised to know I can drive big equipment,” said Clark, a member of the Air Force Reserve who has been deployed to Afghanistan and Oman to support recent military action. “In fact, I told the loading yard in Redmond I could jump into a loader if they ever need a hand. We loaded equipment for the troops onto cargo planes and got them on their way. It’s not much like accounting at all.”

Clark coaches youth baseball, runs to keep fit, and golfs as often as he can. During his six-month deployment in Oman, Clark even found a chance to golf in the desert. “There wasn’t a blade grass for hundreds of miles — you basically carry around a little square of astro turf, and that’s your tee box,” he said.

Clark, who spent close to twenty years working in large accounting departments for multinational companies, says he appreciates working with Redmond. “I’ve got people here that don’t think the same way I think,” he said. “They put things back in perspective, and that helps. We have some great people here.”

Clark has a son in college, two daughters in high school, and a son in seventh grade. From his home, he runs a seasonal tax business with this wife, Roxanne, who also works part time in Redmond’s accounting department.

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