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February 11, 2012 • Issue 01 - February 2012, Strive to Thrive

During the last three months of 2011, Apple generated more than $314 million in revenue every day–roughly $220,000 in as much time as it took you to read this sentence. Apple products are impressive, but more importantly, they understand that value isn’t always about price. Companies are able to succeed only when they add value to the lives of their customers.

Redmond doesn’t generate that kind of cash, but we strive to put the same principles into action with our clients and customers. In a market crowded with hundreds of brands of salt, Real Salt succeeds because our customers recognize the value of natural, unprocessed sea salt. Real Foods Market doesn’t sell cheap food, it sells real food, and customers are loyal because they believe in the value of good health.

Whether we spend our days analyzing data, working underground in the mine, or interacting with customers on the phone, our work becomes more meaningful as we recognize that what we do makes a difference in our customers’ lives. Your creativity and passion for your role can improve processes on your team and the quality of Redmond’s service.

“Some of the best ideas we’ve had at Real Salt have come from the clean room, not a conference room,” said Redmond Trading salesman Darryl Bosshardt. While packaging 26- ounce pouches of Real Salt, Kimberly Shoop realized that the shape of the package was complicating her team’s process. She shared the idea with her team, and the pouch, Real Salt’s best selling sku, got a new package.

"A bird sings not because it has an answer, but because it has a song." -Dewitt Jones

Each of us has a unique perspective on the challenges facing our teams, and the opportunity to make improvements. Shoop didn’t try to change the process in the middle of a production run (that kind of creativity would have broken the process in a hurry) but by helping the Real Salt team understand her perspective, she made a lasting contribution.

Part of the Redmond opportunity is doing just that — sharing your unique perspective and working with others to make a contribution that matters in the world. We might be tempted not to speak up because our idea seems insignificant or incomplete, but when we try to make a contribution instead of trying to make a difference, big changes can come from the ideas we’re willing to share.

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