We give you a coupon code. You order your clothing.

You’ll order your company clothing by shopping online — just enter the coupon code displayed below to get your Redmond clothes for free.

Everything you need:

  • Your allowance is $[URLVariable param=’amount’]
  • Your coupon code is [URLVariable param=’coupon’]
  • Click to shop: Company Clothing Store

One order per associate
You can place your order To get your entire clothing allowance, order everything at once.

If you spend more than $[URLVariable param=’amount’]
You can spend more; you’ll be asked to pay the difference with a credit card just like a regular online store.

If you want clothes for family or friends
The company clothing coupon is intended for Redmond associates. You can order other sizes for your friends or family by using  a credit card like a regular online store.

Entering your coupon
Once you’ve added an item to your shopping cart, you’ll see an  “Apply Coupon” button. Type [URLVariable param=’coupon’] into that field and click Apply Coupon.


Need help?
Send an email Jace Schindler. (You can also call or text him: 435.671.0889)

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